AUOB - About Us

All Under One Banner (AUOB) was created on the 12th October 2014 with the mission objective of staging public processions for independence at regular intervals until Scotland is free- open to everyone who desires an independent Nation; serving as a galvanising force for the Yes movement building year on year by the harnessing the powerful energy that had flourished during the first referendum campaign. Neil Mackay, AUOB founder, argued that a strategy of sustainable marches for independence across Scotland was needed to galvanise and mobilise the movement forward and act as beacons of rejuvination to hard-campaigning activists who got massively re-energised from attending mass-action demonstrations whose very existence was by the people's power, sending a clear message to the British state that Scotland is on the rise as we know our independence is ours to take. The early AUOB team expended much effort networking with other activists the length and breadth of Scotland with a plan to stage simultaneous marches on the same Saturday before the 2015 General election across the country - come the day, the only team that followed through was Glasgow who hosted the first march on 25th April from Glasgow Green to George Square, the first Independence march in Scotland since the year previous’s early autumn referendum and which saw a spirited walk with banners, flags, pipes & drums 2-300 strong. After this inaugural March the team, led by Neil, decided to focus on building up the not-for-profit organisation in Glasgow first before at one point in the future taking the marches on a tour across Scotland. The next Glasgow march took place on 1st August 2015 from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green and so was a lot longer in the procession route and and ended up a lot bigger in participant size too with over 2,000 people out marching for Scotland’s freedom on a beautiful August day. The third march in Glasgow took place on 24th October 2015 and was a smaller turnout, undoubtedly aided by the dreech weather but still 5-700 people took part and we were definitely keeping the frequency of the marches going and showing true determination. The next march at Glasgow was not until the following year and took place from Glasgows cathedral square down through the town towards George square and took place om 26th March 2016- where wild winds and rain hit us hard but still on such a miserable day 400 Freedom fighters took to the streets for Scotland. After this we Marched from Kelvingrove park to Glasgow Green on 30th April 2016 and here we Marched again only a few hundred strong, but the passion emanating from us all made the procession feel three times the size. The first big-number breakthrough came on 30th July 2016 at the 6th AUOB March[1] when we Marched 8,000 strong then the following year on 3rd June 2017 Scotland fielded 25,000 demonstrators on the march for Independence. After 2017 there was not another All Under One Banner march until the 5th May 2018, again at Glasgow, which this time hit the jack-pot with over 60,000 recorded on the big day. Following this demo the team at AUOB embarked on the first national tour for the organisation and massive marches were held on: 2nd June at Dumfries (where over 10,000 attended); 23rd June Bannockburn (where over 20,000 attended); 28th July Inverness (where over 14,000 attended); 18th August Dundee (where over 16,000 attended) with the final march of 2018 taking place in Edinburgh on the 6th October where a record breaking 100,000 Marched for Independence on the Scottish capital- the biggest and boldest demonstration for Independence in Scotland's history. The AUOB 2019 Campaign dates have already been announced: Glasgow 4th May, Galashiels 1st June, Oban 15th June, Ayr 6th July, Campbeltown 27th July, Aberdeen 17th August, Perth 7th September and Edinburgh 5th October. All Under One Banner has also just announced its inaugural March for Welsh Independence being organised by the Welsh as AUOB Cymru and taking place in Cardiff on 11th May 2019, with forthcoming ongoing demonstrations for an Independent Wales to take place until Wales is Free from London Rule- twinned as Scotland and Wales are here against a common enemy and share a common goal of freeing our Nations to bring about more prosperous and fairer countries. All Under One Banner Marches for Independence are here to stay, they are established and are assuredly becoming entwined in Scottish culture, and are forming into a tradition-harnessing the power of Scotlands Independence movement in a frequent and repetitive show of strength across more and more of Scotland; visually and energetically Representing clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the desired option and only way forward for a majority of the Scottish people, that Now is the Time.